Alan John Wright


I am an enthusiastic Architectural CAD Designer. I have eight years professional experience contributing to both residential and commercial projects of various types and sizes. 


I have very broad experience, ranging from smaller projects such as one off houses, to larger developments of over 650 units. I have also worked on both high end residential developments as well as a variety of retail and industrial projects. More details of these projects are contained within this website.


My professional qualifications include a BSc(Hons) and Post Graduate Certificate both in CAD and Construction.  My area of specialism is in planning and I have a wide range of experience in dealing with planning applications.


I am highly proficient in the use of a number of software programmes such as AutoCAD, Sketch Up, Photoshop CS, Illustrator and most other Adobe products. From these, I am able to produce detailed high quality 2D drawings and 3D CAD models.


On little personal note, I am a golfer with very high handicap, and a family man with a golden lab called Roxy.